CNC Hot-Wire Machine

Oct 30, 2022

We designed and manufactured a specialized CNC Hot-Wire Machine for a local design company that provides clients with custom-designed decorative material.


Using modern technology, the machine allowed the company to create a wide range of products, even the most complicated shapes in a fast, accurate, and relatively inexpensive way. it is used to create a wide range of decorative elements such as display letters, logos (3D Logos), graphics, signboards, decor elements, store props and displays, architectural shapes, and large-scale ornamental element models.

The CNC Hot-Wire Machine is a machine that is controlled by computer numerical control, The precise mechanisms and perfect electronic control of the motor’s movement enable the operator to cut any shape, as long as its thickness corresponds with the thickness of the material.

The cutting is performed with a hot cutting wire moving in the vertical and horizontal axes using stepper motors controlled by an electronic controller connected to a PC and controlled with unique software. This guarantees flawless accuracy, high processing speed, and consistently excellent quality.