MEHNA Sterilization Gate: A Game-Changer in The Fight Against COVID-19

June 10, 2020

  In response to the ongoing global health crisis, MEHNA, a proud Jordanian innovator, has developed a Sterilization Gate that promises to be a game-changer in the fight against COVID-19. This innovative technology is capable of sterilizing a person walking through it in just 10 seconds by delivering a controlled and targeted spray of sterilization solution, ensuring thorough decontamination.

The Sterilization Gate is designed to be installed at various key locations, including shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and corporate entrances. By deploying this innovative technology, MEHNA aims to enhance safety and reduce the risk of virus transmission in public spaces.

A Commitment to Community: Giving Back to Jordan’s Schools

Moreover, MEHNA is more than just a technological innovator; the company is dedicated to creating a positive impact on society through its strong commitment to supporting Jordan’s schools. In a show of commitment to the communities it serves, MEHNA has pledged to donate a Sterilization Gate to a public school in Jordan every time its profits accumulate to cover the cost of one gate. This initiative promotes the adoption of this life-saving technology in educational institutions and supports the well-being of the community by creating safer environments for students and staff.

As we continue to face the exceptional challenges posed by COVID-19, MEHNA invites all stakeholders to stand together in the fight against this virus. By installing Sterilization Gates at crucial access points and contributing to the donation of these gates to schools, we can collectively make a significant difference in our battle against the pandemic.

MEHNA’s Sterilization Gate – Proudly made in Jordan – represents an inspiration of hope and innovation in these frustrating times. Together, let us embrace this technology, protect our communities, and contribute to the global effort to combat COVID-19.