Thrilling Partnership Announcement: Mehna And Ejad Business Hub Join Forces

03 march 2022 

We are thrilled to unveil a transformative partnership between MEHNA and Ejad Business Hub, a collaboration set to make significant strides in supporting the industrial sector in Jordan. This joint effort marks a crucial step towards establishing a more forceful and resilient industrial ecosystem.

About Ejad Business Hub:

Ejad Business Hub is one of Careers of Gold projects, known for its dedication to fostering innovation and sustainable growth. Serving as a driving force in supporting entrepreneurs and businesses, Ejad provides state-of-the-art facilities and implements strategic initiatives, creating an environment where businesses can truly thrive.


MEHNA’s Role:

MEHNA, a key player in this partnership, brings a diverse range of expertise and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Their primary role signifies a shared vision for the future of Jordan’s industrial sector. 


Collective Vision:

This collaboration embodies a collective vision for a robust industrial future. As we proudly contribute and strive to make a lasting impact, fostering innovation, sustainability, and supporting the growth and development of Jordan’s industrial sector.


We, at MEHNA, eagerly anticipate the positive outcomes that will arise from this collaborative endeavor, as we embark on this exciting journey, shaping the future of Jordan’s industrial landscape.