Mehna's Commitment to Economic Inclusion of Women in Jordan

19 December 2019

MEHNA had the distinct privilege of engaging in a meaningful conversation with His Excellency Ambassador Edward Oakden, the British Ambassador to Jordan, focusing on the crucial topic of economic inclusion for women in Jordan.


This insightful dialogue emphasized our steadfast commitment to champion the cause of women’s economic empowerment and their integration into the workforce. It allowed us to exchange ideas and insights. MEHNA recognizes the vital role that women play in the development of Jordan and the broader global community.


Our ongoing efforts involve fostering constructive discussions with key stakeholders, with the aim of promoting initiatives and collaborations that empower women to attain economic independence and success. We firmly believe that creating opportunities, dismantling barriers, and enabling women to actively contribute to their nation’s economic growth are pivotal steps toward progress.


We extend our heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable support and partnership of organizations such as #bpwa (business and Professional Women’s Association) and #WIB (Women in Business), as we collectively work towards a more inclusive and prosperous future for women in Jordan.


MEHNA remains committed to this cause, striving for a world where women have equal access to opportunities and can unleash their full potential in the workforce.