MEHNA hosts the Jordanian Youth Business Forum for a visit to its factory in Sahab, in collaboration with the Amman Chamber of Industry

07 Jan, 2024

In cooperation with the Amman Chamber of Industry, the Jordanian Youth Business Forum organized a visit to MEHNA’s factory within the framework of enhancing entrepreneurs interactions and the exchange of experiences in Jordan. This visit aligns with the chamber’s endeavors to raise awareness about the development and quality that have been achieved by the Jordanian industry.


Engineer Fathi Al-Jaghbir emphasized the importance of raising awareness about adhering to local and international quality standards by directly observing production processes in these factories. He praised the Youth Business Forum’s commitment to collaborating with the chamber in supporting the national industry and drawing inspiration from the success stories of these industries.


Amina Mari, CEO of MEHNA, presented a brief overview of the adopted strategies to enhance training and develop the skills of the employees. She emphasized the crucial role of innovation in the industrial sector as a key factor for progress, economic growth, and global transformation in the modern era. She also stressed the importance of empowering women and their significant role and capabilities in the industrial sector in Jordan. Moreover, she provided a brief overview of the establishment of MEHNA’s factory, emphasizing the innovation that has been incorporated into all production processes and highlighting the groundbreaking Rebar PFT machine, a patented innovation set to transform the construction industry.


MEHNA takes pride in the opportunity to communicate with a creative team, passionate about knowledge and strongly committed to enhancing the local industry. The company looks forward to more inspiring initiatives under the umbrella of the Chamber of Industry, guiding them on a journey of continuous development and improvement. We extend our sincere appreciation to the members of the Jordanian Youth Business Forum for their valuable visit, characterized by high professional coordination, thanks to the efforts of the team responsible for this initiative.