Mehna Hosts a Dialogue On “Promoting Productive Employment for Women and Challenging Gender Stereotypes in the Private Sector”

07 June 2021

In a significant step toward gender equality and workplace empowerment, MEHNA had the distinct honor of hosting a pivotal dialogue focused on ‘Promoting Productive Employment for Women and Challenging Gender Stereotypes in the Private Sector.’ The event was organized in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy, ILO Arab States, UN Women Arabic, and WEP (Women’s Empowerment Principles), in cooperation with key figures in the pursuit of gender equality and women’s empowerment, marking a momentous occasion in the pursuit of equality.

The dialogue took place on June 7, 2021, and was graced by the presence of Her Excellency Ms. Janine Alm Ericson, Sweden’s State Secretary for International Development Cooperation, and the attendance of Ms. Carin Jämtin, Director General of SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency), along with the Embassy of Sweden in Amman, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration in addressing gender stereotypes and fostering productive employment for women.

A primary focus of this dialogue was the participation of several Jordanian companies representing the private sector. These companies were invited to share their insights and experiences on the topic of women’s empowerment in the workplace, discussing the principles laid out by WEP (Women’s Empowerment Principles), which had a positive impact on the lives of 36,450 employees.

This event served as a platform for productive discussions and initiatives that will undoubtedly contribute to challenging and breaking down gender stereotypes in the private sector while promoting a more inclusive and equitable work environment for women.

MEHNA remains dedicated to fostering a brighter and more inclusive future for all, with ongoing updates and developments on its critical journey toward workplace empowerment for women and gender equality.