Empowering the Jordanian Industrial Sector Signing Strategic Memorandum of Understanding

31 May 2022

“Towards a prosperous Jordanian industrial sector” Amina Marai

In a vital step towards empowering the professional sector in Jordan and enhancing its capabilities, the Jordan Investors Association, under the leadership of Mr. Majdi Al-Hashlamoun, signed a memorandum of understanding today with Careers of Gold, represented by Board Member Ms. Aminah Mrai, the CEO of MEHNA. The memorandum aims to empower professionals in the professional sector and improve their skills through comprehensive training programsseeking to endorse the proficiency of the Jordanian industry with the intention of promoting the efficiency of the industrial scene in Jordan and enhancing its contribution to the national economy.


The agreement includes the development of training programs dedicated to strengthening the industrial sector and addressing the challenges of the Jordanian workforce. The association is committed to supporting training efforts, organizing events, exchanging experiences, and building relationships that contribute to achieving common goals in supporting the Jordanian industry and professionals, especially the youth.


We believe that this initiative will effectively contribute to enhancing the industrial sector and raising proficiency levels. We eagrly look forward to the shared successes that will be achieved through this strategic collaboration. MEHNA, under the leadership of Mrs. Amina Mrai, expresses sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to this initiative, especially the  ‘Careers of Gold’ and the ‘Ejad Business Hub,’ for their remarkable efforts in empowering the industrial sector in Jordan.”