20 October, 2020

In a demonstration of commitment to sustainable business practices, MEHNA‘s CEO, Amina Mari, took on the role of judge at the prestigious Gulf Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards 2020. Her active participation in assessing the best HR and workplace practices showcased her dedication to promoting responsible corporate behavior.


Amina Mari expressed admiration for the exceptional initiatives and presentations put forth by the participating companies, including Bupa Arabia, Aster DM Healthcare, JLL, SEDCO Holding, Clearly Gottlieb, and Apparel Group. She also emphasized the importance of acknowledging and rewarding businesses that go above and beyond in integrating sustainability and CSR into their operations, thereby reinforcing her belief in the power of CSR initiatives to create a more sustainable and responsible business landscape in the Gulf region.


The Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards serve as a vital platform that celebrates organizations demonstrating excellence in their CSR practices and making positive contributions to the communities they serve. This event plays a crucial role in recognizing and promoting responsible business practices, making it a valuable platform for organizations in the region.


The event was organized with the technical support and expert facilitation of Awards International, a key player in recognizing excellence and best practices in various industries.


MEHNA looks forward to continuing its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. As part of our ongoing mission to create a positive impact on both the community and the environment, MEHNA remains dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility.