Mehna Participates in The E4 Project

Recycling and Reusing Waste for a Sustainable Future

26 November, 2019

MEHNA proudly participates in the E4 Project, a remarkable initiative focused on recycling and reusing waste materials. Working alongside a group of ambitious and talented colleagues has been a true honor.


Launched under the patronage of the EU Ambassador and in partnership with ICU (Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria) and the Mayor of Irbid, the project is generously funded by the European Union, Operating within the Greater Irbid Municipality. The E4 Project is dedicated to implementing the National Solid Waste Management Strategy and is committed to dealing with sorted waste, including solid waste, cardboard, and plastic, with the ultimate goal of recycling and reusing these materials. This project serves as an excellent example of a successful private-public partnership, contributing to waste reduction, environmental protection, and fostering community development and job creation.


At MEHNA, our commitment revolves around making a positive impact by promoting sustainability, supporting local growth, and providing increased economic opportunities for stakeholders towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.