Empowering Change: Insights From Mehna’s Journey With PepsiCo’s #GreenhouseAccelerator Program

09 July, 2018

24 August, 2022

“The Greenhouse Accelerator Program has given us the opportunity to gain knowledge otherwise difficult to obtain and has advanced our ambitions to become changemakers in the recycling sector.”

Many startup founders initially believed that the most important aspect of founding a company is funding the company. I was definitely one of them, until I realized there is much more to founding and running a company than money. First you need a springboard to your ideas — a partner, and everything else can follow. What goes hand-in-hand with this, are sector based tailored programs that help build capacities, and eventually help you access funding.

This is why we applied to the Greenhouse Accelerator Program: MENA edition – a sector-specific program that is helping tap into resources and advance our innovation, allowing us to leave a mark in the region’s recycling sector. The initial grant and the mentorship program delivered by the PepsiCo Greenhouse Accelerator, which is a blend of modules delivered bi-weekly and an assigned mentor to our company, has given us the opportunity to gain specific knowledge otherwise difficult to access.